Guided tour to Kanamarka

Fotos: Max Corahua / Qoriqenqe Fotografia/

The structures on the archaeological site Kanamarka are built during the expansion of the pre-Inca culture, by the K'anas . The K'ana people, whose name means "braided" or "chosen" were living in this area since 5,000 BC.  The ancient remains are in good shape and well maintained. In combination with the beautiful landscape this is really a beautiful place!   

We can provide transport to the site or we can organise a guided tour! This site is not crowded by tourists yet, and there is no entrance fee! But I am sure this is going to change in the near future, so visit Kanamarka as soon as you can!  

Book either just reliable transport or a full guided tour (half day) from Espinar by sending me an email: or click on "contact us now".