Tres Cañones de Suykutambo

Visit Tres Cañones de Suykutambo ! Come and enjoy this magnificent view and amazing mountains with their canyons. Go in the early morning when the light for taking pictures is perfect. You can walk around freely or just sit and enjoy the silence and beauty of the mountains and rivers!   We either provide reliable transport to this fantastic place or a full day tour reliable local guides, including nearby pre-inca  historical sites! 

Tres Cañones de Suykutambo is on the route that connects Cusco with the Colca Valley. These huge stone walls of more than 80 meters high are erected that hypnotize your mind instantly. These wonders of nature  are monumental rock formations of volcanic origin that give the appearance of endless and mysterious stone forests. The 3 rivers that come together contain water that will pass the Amazone river to end up in the Atlantic Ocean.

Canyon Tres Cañones de Suykutambo is really a must see!

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